Metaverse Racing Games

About DeathRoad Metaverse
Why we aim deathroad to become metaverse?
DeathRoad Metaverse is a virtual city where DeathRoad racers buy/sell/rent cars or lands, and play against each other in battle mode to earn rewards.
  • Racers go to the city Showroom to buy NFT boxes to open to get cars.
  • Racers also can go to Peer-to-peer Marketplace for buying or selling used cars from/to
  • A racer needs to have at least 5 cars in order to be able to buy a land to create a garage
    in the city.
  • Racers with garage can open car rental services where other racers rent cars to play.
  • Racers without a garage can only rent cars from garage owners.
  • Racers can use their own cars or rent cars from any garage owners to challenge each
    other in battle mode where racers agree to choose a map to race.
  • There is a City Hall where all racers can vote for development of the Metaverse.
    The weight of votes depend on the cars owned by racers.