DeathRoad DAO

Discover what’s the likelihood of getting whitelisted for an DAO project based on your tier level

For starters, you’ll need to have at least 10,000 DRACE or 100,000 xDRACE in your wallet to apply for allowed listing in a DeathRoad DAO project.

You can also stake NFT, your NFTs will be calculated as follows

You will calculate the corresponding number of DRACEs that you are staking. For example, Fernando is staking five 1-star cars, five 2-star cars, one 3-star car, one 1-star ILV car, and one 3-star ILV car. The total number of the corresponding DRACE that Fernando owns is:

All DRACEs, xDRACEs, NFTs in all stake pools are combined into your ticket total. Your total number of tickets is calculated using the following formula:

Number of Tickets = amount * days / 30 / multiplier

  • amount is the total number of DRACE or xDRACE tokens. If you are staking NFTs, please calculate your DRACEs as described above

  • days: The number of days you lock tokens in the stake pool

  • multiplier: 10,000 for DRACE & NFT pool, 100,000 for xDRACE pool

For example, Fernando is staking 50,000 DRACE for 60 days. It means he will get 50000 * 60 / 30 / 10000 = 10 tickets The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of being whitelisted.


We have 2 different tiers:

  • Tier Lottery: 10,000+ DRACE or 100,000+ xDRACE, staked in at least 30 days (1 ticket)

  • Tier Guaranteed: 500,000+ DRACE or 5,000,000+ xDRACE, staked in at least 60 days (100 tickets)

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