Utility Of The $DRACE Token

What can the tokens earned from “Race to Earn” be used for?

Racers can use these $DRACE Tokens to use in-game utilities without any additional cost.

In particular, the tokens earned from the “Race to Earn” activity can help players own more new racing cars. Only players with more than 5 cars can unlock all the utilities and features in the game.

With buying and selling real estate integrated into Deathroad, this can be an extremely outstanding point because the number of plots in the game is limited and players are required to own land in order to open other services like Garage or Car Rental. Racers can also buy and sell these properties to generate additional income.

Deathroad evolved to become the first metaverse racing game on the BSC ecosystem. We have completed the beta version of the game and are in Phase 2 of the Roadmap. Shortly, the official product will be introduced to the community. And will definitely receive positive responses from our existing community.

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