xDRACE Token

xDRACE is an in-game token.

Users can get xDRACE token by staking in our staking app and playing the game to earn.

1 xDRACE/block (3s) is currently distributed to all staking pools.

xDRACE utility

  • Buy packs

  • Pay fees for upgrade cars

  • Buy protection cards

  • Buy more playing turns for your cars

  • Buy lands

  • xDRACE is indispensable when players want to race to earn in the game

Claim in-app xDRACE to tradable xDRACE token

Previously, xDRACE was an in-app token. Over time, it shows some weakness and there is demand for trading and xDRACE will be one of the rewarding tokens. Thus, all previously earned in-app xDRACE token will be 1-1 converted to the new tradable xDRACE token.

All in-app xDRACE is converted 1-1 to the new xDRACE token.

Upon xDRACE deployment success, all your previously in-app earned token will be released 20%. The remaining 80% will be linearly vested over 14 days.

Important note: Only your previously earned in-app xDRACE is locked and vested. All your future earned xDRACE will be unlocked immediately.

Gamification of Token Economy

The launch of DeathRoad play-to-earn at its simplest form will open an entirely new token economy surrounding DeathRoad ecosystem

  • DRACE: Fungible governance token. DRACE allows holders to vote for how the ecosystem will be developed and upgraded. Many ecosystem decisions will also be made via a voting governance

    • As a governance token and also utility token, DRACE is used in almost every action/transaction of users

    • DRACE can be acquired by

      • Buying from the open market, i.e. pancake swap

      • Earning vested DRACE token through playing the game

  • xDRACE: Fungible utility token. As a utility token, xDRACE has many use cases in the ecosystem, including

    • Buying box/packs

    • Upgrading cars

    • Buying playing turns

    • Buying protection card while upgrading

xDRACE can be acquired by

  • Buying from the open market

  • Staking

  • Earning vested xDRACE token through playing the game

In all use cases of xDRACE, the used amount of xDRACE will be burnt out of circulation to balance the xDRACE minted in staking and playing to earn.

Important technical upgrade for xDRACE

  • xDRACE token is upgraded to a new token contract with constant burn and liquidity on each transfer

  • New xDRACE contract address: 0x7CDFBb5d09b6EF6c06764872134a9b281f050F8F

  • To migrate from current xDRACE to new xDRACE,

  • Go to your dashboard to migrate: https://app.deathroad.io/dashboard

  • Migration ratio: 1-1

  • Trading new xDRACE on PancakeSwap will have at least 7% slippage

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