Detailed steps how to play

Detailed steps to create an account, deposit NFTs, and play to earn with mobile app

Create an account

  1. Go to and connect your wallet to the app, or if you are invited by a friend, use his referral link as this

  2. Access your dashboard by clicking on your wallet address on the app's top-right

3. Enter username and password you want to register for your account. A unique username/account is associated a wallet address.

Once information filled, click Register to create your own account.

4. You can always change your password in your dashboard or copy your referral link to invite others to play the game and get referral rewards

Deposit Cars and Weapons to play

  1. Go to Play To Earn tab in the app

  2. Approve Game Contract if you have not done yet

  3. Under Cars tab, click on Deposit Cars To Play. You can select one, many or all cars to deposit

  4. Similarly, deposit your weapons. You need at least a gun to play games

Play to earn with mobile app

  1. Download mobile app from our official source (to be published)

  2. Use your user name password to sign in the app

  3. Select map, car, and weapons to play many times without paying gas fee

Referral rewards

  1. Go to your dashboard on the app and copy your referral link

  2. Invite others to use your referral link to create an account and play the game

  3. Your will receive referral rewards when

    • You stake at least 10k (this number could be changed lately) DRACE in the staking pool v2.

    • Invited users play games

    • You receive referral rewards equal to 0.3% (this number could be changed) of the rewards your invited users receive when they claim their game rewards. For example, if the invited user claims 500 DRACE and 1000 xDRACE as reward, you will receive 1.5 DRACE and 3 xDRACE immediately

Weekly competition

  1. Weekly competition happens between start of Monday and end of Saturday of the same week, UTC time

  2. There are 3 weekly competitions for 3 maps: 1-star, 2-star, 3-star

  3. Any one can contribute and join any of the three weekly competitions. A user can join 1, 2, or all of the weekly competitions

  4. 10 users with most rewards for each competition will share the prize pool of each competition. The prize pool is contributed by all of participants plus some percentage of Showroom & Marketplace revenue.

  5. The weekly competition prize will be paid every Monday.

For each map, the prize pool of the map is equally divided into two sub-pools

  • Sub-pool for players with most accumulated rewards in the competition

  • Sub-pool for players with highest reward per racing turn

For each sub-pool, the prize is distributed to top 10 players and is structured as follows:

  • 40% of the sub-pool prize goes to the first ranked player

  • 20% of the sub-pool prize goes to the second ranked player

  • 10% of the sub-pool prize goes to the third ranked player

  • The rest of the sub-pool prize is equally distributed to the other players


Players can go to, under Rewards tab, click Claim Rewards to receive your earned rewards

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