Digital Assets In DeathRoad

  • Cars are needed to equip with weapons to be able to race:
    • Cars have different levels: 1 (weakest) -> 5 (strongest).
    • Each car has a different ID.
    • Cars with the same level have similar hit powers and fuels.
    • Cars in higher level are stronger in hitting enemies, and can suffer more hit powers from enemies.
    • Cars have fuel and racers need to pick bonuses while racing in order for the car to be able to run. Bonuses are different in different map levels.
    • Cars have three damage stages: normal -> damaged -> destroyed.
  • Buy weapons: there are two types of weapons:
    • Guns: Guns are required for cars to race. Racers need at least one car and one gun to be able to race. Racers do not need to buy gun bullets. Guns have different dames that hit bots/enemies and bosses while racing. A Racer can own many cars and many guns, but a user can only select a car equipped with one gun to race. Gun bullets always exist.
    • Rocket(missile): This is not required to race, but having rocket allows users to destroy bots/enemies and bosses easier as rocket has much higher dame compared to guns. Users need to buy a rocket(missile) if they want to use. To use a rocket, racers must bring a rocket with and pick rocket bullets while racing. There is maximum 3 rocket bullets per map.
  • Maps: Select a map, each map is identified by an ID
    • Maps have different difficulty levels: 1(easiest) -> 5 (most difficult).
    • A car at level X can only race on map level <= X.
    • The more difficult a map is, the more rewards points the player can earn.
    • Map difficulty level differentiates in different factors:
      • The number of bots/enemies (the frequency of bots/enemies appearing in the map) and bosses in the map. There are a maximum of 5 bosses per map that racers should win to earn more rewards
        • The frequency of bots/enemies increases of 10% (should be configurable for changes later) per level.
        • Bots/enemies should appear randomly in the map.
      • The acceleration of the car
        • The longer the car runs, the car speed increases following the car acceleration.
        • Car acceleration increases by 10% (should be configurable for changes later) per map level.
      • The hit power (hp) of bots/enemies and bosses.
      • The dames of bots/enemies and bosses.
      • The amount of bonuses appears in the map that racers can pick to continue racing.
      • The bonus points. The higher level the map is, the higher bonus points racers can pick to run longer.